CS sensor is known for its reliability, incredibly detailed transmission of players touch, and faithful reproduction of instrument deep vibrations.

I don’t just endorse the CS Sensor, I use it. It is the best sensor pickup I have ever used or heard. It offers an incredibly rich, natural and powerful sound quality. If your guitar already sounds beautiful acoustically, this revolutionary Carbon Sensor will show it off in its best light.www.darraghoneill.com

Since years I was experimenting and searching for the ideal tone and live sound for my performance venues. CS Sensor amplifies the pure tone of my 10 strings guitar, and in same way reflects my musical ideas, which is what I need from the technical point.

First, I have to say that the CS Sensor saved my life. I was on tour playing every day, different venues and different sound engineers for each concert. I was thinking to stop playing acoustic guitar on stage forever and then Carlos sent me the CS Sensor. It took ten minutes to install it outside my flamenco guitar, and then everything changed. Amazing sound, no power needed, lightweight, beautiful looking, no feedback… And most of all, AMAZING PLAYING SENSATIONS. I really insist on that because you can ask to have it in your monitor without changing nothing in the sound. Due to the location of the CS Sensor on the top (just behind the bridge), the sound is a little bit medium (put your ear to this spot, you will realize how neutral is the CS Sensor). You can make a quick adjustment in the EQ and then you will have a PERFECT sound. This is very easy on tour if you have the little EQ that Carlos make for the CS Sensor for example. I do not only recommend the CS Sensor : I think that every flamenco or classical guitarist playing in a group should have one on tour.

Con CS sensor encontré la tranquilidad y paz interior de saber de un sistema que fielmente me daba el sonido de la acústica de mi guitarra . De igual forma siendo en su totalidad externo al instrumento no invade para nada al mismo. Es sencillamente lo que todo guitarrista y especialmente los de concierto necesitan en un escenario .

The Cs Sensor changed my life. Being able to have a real sound of the acoustic instrument, without having to use a battery, without modifying the instrument and without feedback. It is a key element in my set up!

CS Sensor is #1 for on stage sound. In combination with the mini eq it’s even better. The CS Sensor is a plug in and play system with zero feed back & a top quality sound.

Carlos pick-up changed the way of amplified cello. It gives a warm and very defined sound, either way for pizz or bow. It’s a very sensitive microphone which catches the full range of the instrument. I used and tried many different microphones systems, but Carlos CS Sensor pick-up impressed me from the first try. The curious sound engineers are every time surprised by the incredible sound of the CS sensor.

Llevo utilizando y distribuyendo el CS Sensor Carlos desde 2014, y de cientos de sensores vendidos no tenemos ningún cliente insatisfecho, y yo como consumidor en primera persona del CS Sensor en mis Guitarras y en mis conciertos, es la revolución para el sonido de calidad sin tener que depender de las limitaciones de un Micro, ningún acople, calidad de sonido impecable, y ninguna instalación por lo que el mismo sensor lo utilizo en distintas Guitarras. Gracias Carlos.

After a long search for the best amplification for flamenco guitar, I found the Carlos CS sensor. No matter where you play, live or in the studio, the best results are guaranteed, powerful and authentic. Impressive. This is the best way to amplify a flamenco guitar! Thanks Carlos https://www.facebook.com/vitali.kellermann.1

The CS sensor brings a fantastic natural acoustic sound. The installation is so easy .. I always have it with me on tour! My double bass sounds excellent with the CS sensor! Thank you Carlos

It sounds amazing. My kick drum is going to be insane from now on! The bass is incredible. I only used one of the (CS) transducers. The sweet spot was very obvious, so i didnt see that there was a big advantage having two sensors in my guitar. This thing is amazing , Carlos, its your best yet. It really makes the other contact-transducers out there sound so weak and thin. I dont know what you did in there, but it worked. March, 25, 2014 www.jongomm.com/

The CS sensor has become my “go to” modular solutions for amplifying the Selmer-Maccaferri guitar. I can keep one in my bag, install one on any guitar in seconds and be ready to play on stage without any limitation. I consider this equipment to be the Swiss Army knife of pickups. Whether it’s double bass, violin or guitar I can achieve clarity and a feedback resistant source every time.www.djangoguitars.com

CS is for me the revolution of amplified guitar sound. I finally have what i have been looking for years in my live performances: power, color and reliability. Any musician should have one. www.facebook.com/gianvitopulzone

With the CS sensor I found the right compromise that I didn’t have, great sound fidelity of the acoustic instrument with a high output volume and very low trigger for feedback, and no less important the simplicity of use without having to connect external preamplifiers or batteries. www.salvatorerusso.com

As a fretless guitarist I love playing with CS sensor, it gives me all the harmonics very detailed and also warm acoustic sound. Especially if you blend with VIP pickups I feel like I am playing in heaven.

The CS sensor is a true wonder, over the years I have installed it on countless instruments: Arabic and Turkish Oud, Iranian Tar, Greek bouzuki, Algerian mandol.. just to name a few, The “Vicente” Vip double system is my first choice for the guitar’s I make.

I’ve been looking for a reliable pickup for concerts for years, the CS sensor never lets me down. It’s perfect for ALL venues. www.jimmygrant.net/

As a fan of the natural guitar sound I’ve always had to compromise on stage. Playing only through microphones often sounded too thin and you have the problem with the feedback. I have absolutely no more problems since i decided for CS sensor. No matter whether I play in smaller clubs on my amp or on large stages I have the feeling that I am not playing amplified. The soundcheck now usually only takes a few minutes. I can’t imagine being without the CS sensor anymore.

When I called the master of CS to make my sitars sound soulful he said: that’s an easy one. Al di Meola midi guitar (custom midi system + midi converter, high end pickup + CS sensor on TRS) that I did was a challenge. From this time CS entered the world of Indian Instruments, and my guitars, steel pans, cello… and… name it… try it. Love it…

There is something magic with the CS-Sensor. If you choose the right hot spot…it could sound better than the Vicente (system).That is my personal experience on a 1917 Ramirez Flamenca. Carlos had done the Vicente instalation many years ago, and than a hard guitar damage occurred …I decided to take out the Vincente for another guitar….and was waiting 4 years for restauration, at least a good friend of mine (Michael Ruhe) finished the job in perfekt condition for a resonable price. I decided to amplify my Ramirez again and choose the CS-Sensor this time, since I wanted to do the instalation on my own…and relativly low costs. Job was done in one hour – and it just sounds GREAT!

“I cannot praise CS senor enough it has been very reliable in my recent Asian tour 2020 which I performed at 19 different theatres in 2 months.
The CS sensor have always given me a clean cut sound without overdoing the high pitch frequency of the violin.
Moreover what I love about it is that it also brings out the base sound colours beautifully.
In the sound check , I could save the sound technician time as it didn`t need so much equalising . The sound was very natural acoustic and all I had to ask for was a little reverb effect.
I can almost say I used nearly every single micro and pick up thats on the market but has never quite satisfied me as the CS sensor. Other pickups were metallic or unbalanced or picked up unwanted sounds of the atmosphere.
I highly recommend this to string players. It is excellent quality and moreover reliable . ”


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