1. Difference between inside or outside CS position/ installation?
This is a personal decision. It doesnt sound “same” even if installed on the same sweet spot found outside, as in manual


2. What is recommended position inside on nylon-str. guitar?
Generally the spot under the bridge on E1 side, where the wood is thick, and position is considered to be the “heart” of guitar will create a big body tone. For those looking for more transparent or floating tone the spot on the sides and around E1 side of bridge will work fine.

3. What is recommended position on gipsy /manouche guitar?
Generally around the bridge on E1 side, since bracing is always a bit different it needs to be “sweet spot” tested as in manual. Stochelo and Gismo on certain guitars glue the CS near tailpiece.

4. Is it good or bad if CS outside sits over (inside) bracing?
Generally this will generate anoying or freq. “limited” kind of sound sent to the amp, since it is based on that particular bracing and it is not “linear”. Always try to find as much as possible linear type of tone, that is equalizable in all directions without special tendency of certain freq.

5. May I use any “other” double-tape for CS?
Not recommended at all; the 3M 4910F is the only one that will produce a feedback-free and quality tone / transmission of instrument vibrations/ for which the CS is famous. This tape is transparent and silicone-like with great consistency of transmission. The white 3M double tape with totally different material “eats” the highs and dumps the overall tone performance.

6. May I use any protection tape before gluing the CS?
The black (electric type) tape that comes with CS is soft and very weak, so the risk to damage instrument finish is minimalized. Any paper type of tape will eat highs and CS performance. The thinner the protection tape, the better. If you have no doubt about finish the standard Tesa transparent tape is great, because it eats nothing from CS performance. Black tape has its reason, delivering smooth transmission and not too trebly highs.

7. How to take the CS off once double-taped inside or outside?
This is described in the manual: turn the CS left-right (clockwise and v.versa) until tape(s) is mechanically separated from instrument. Then use new 3M (supplied) on CS and re-install elsewhere.

8. How to install CS inside the ukulele or any other instrument with soundhole too small for hand to enter?
Depending on instrument size you build a tool which will be a bowed metal stick constructed to support / transport the CS to its inside spot. Besides that you will need a light inside the instrument to see from outside where you,re gluing it.

9. How to install CS inside the gipsy guitar with O-style hole?
Check the selfmade tool that will help you tape the CS inside on the spot you have previously sound-checked from outside. PHOTO


10. How to install CS on violin?
Chinrest gets a jack, either RCA or mono 3.5mm, CS will be positioned on preferred spot near bridge, then best is wireless mini belt pack. PHOTO


11. How to install CS in dancing shoes.
Shoes get a jack, either RCA or mono 3.5mm, CS will be engraved inside leather, then best is wireless mini belt pack. PHOTO


12. How to install CS in harp guitar.
Can be installed outside or inside, as a standalone or with external preamp, or with VIP preamp inside incl. 9V battery, or in combination with undersaddle pickup (VIP double). PHOTO


13. Do I need a preamp for a CS?
Basically not needed, but due to the fact that CS is passive, an active mini EQ helps a lot to 1. boost the gain as primary or secondary tone 2. to shape the tone curve upon perdonal demand 3. to have full control over sound before plugging into D.I. Box onstage. PHOTO


14. Is there a special active preamp for a CS?
VIP preamp with volume control can be custom ordered, uses 1x9V battery. PHOTO


15. Will the CS work on mandolin or ukulele?
Yes, it can be installed inside or outside with an endpin permanently or on velcro. PHOTO


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